Victoria Suescum 

La Casa del Colchon, acrylic on paper, 22x30", 2019

Photo Courtesy Suzanne Hershey

From left: Phillip Townsend, Victoria Suescum, Jason Reed, Charlotte Gullick, Fidencio Duran

​​​​Growing up in Panama there were no art museums. Instead, my native visual environment  is hand painted signage with imagery created by non-academically taught artists. These can be found in the Spanish speaking portions of the Americas, including San Antonio where I have lived since 1988. I love the vernacular signage: their odd color combinations, strange perspective and wild shifts in scale. I adopt these qualities in my own work morphing the images into new and personal combinations.  For the past twenty years my work has explored the painting style of signage with imagery on the walls of shops (tiendas) such as beauty parlors, hardware stores, butcher shops and auto repair shops.

Served on panel moderated by Phillip Townsend at the Peace & Conflict Resolution Symposium celebrated at Austin Community College.

Photo courtesy Delicia Montanez

Photo Courtesy Rene Renteria

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Painting in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama participated in their exhibit titled "Papel Protagonista."