Todo Para el Ama de Casa, oil on canvas with inflatable frame, 3.5x5'   2000

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Mazorca con limón. acrylic on paper, 30x22"

Ferreteria Playa Gorgona, 36x48" 1996

Manicure. Acrylic on paper, 30x22"

Mano poderosa. Acrylic on paper, 30x22"

Victoria Suescum 

Installation as per a Tarot card reading, at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, TX

Raspa'o rosa. Acrylic on paper, 30x22"

Tarot layouts. Installation view of "Mi Museo esta en la calle" exhibit at the Guadalupe Cultural Art Center. Acrylic on paper and wood, dimensions variable

Reina. Acrylic on paper, 30x22"